Jorge Pardo. 2012.

New and personal project of flutist and saxophonist from Madrid.

18 own compositions  whose recording  have  involved a lot of musicians  both Jazz and Flamenco to give rise to one of the most complete and representative works  that’s coming  decades creating this prolific and unique artist.

The innovating  “Huellas” production that is presented this year like double recording work, will be placed on stage  from March  in various formats  based  on the venue.

Huellas involved;  Enrique Rodríguez, Diego Guerrero, Rafael Navarro, Martín Leitón, Jeff Ballard,  y Sergio Martinez (en la foto), Antonio Restucci, Pedro Sanz, Nasrine Rasmani, Victor Mendoza, Agustin Carbonell “El Bola”, Raul Rodriguez, Pablo Baez, Juan Grande, Antonio Rivero, José Fdez Torres “Tomatito”, Dave Samuels, Pablo Martinez, David Pastor, Niño Josele, Moises Santiago, Javier Colina, Carlos Carli, Mati, Othello Molineaux, Juan Diego Mateos, Pedro Garcia “El Brekon”, Antonio Serrano, Lorena Alcaraz, Luis Balaguer, Jerry Gonzalez, Carlos Gomez, Luismo Valladares, Josemi Carmona, Enric Monfort, Ruben de Rosario, Dani Parra, Antonio Gomez, Richard Sprince, Tino di Geraldo, Carles Benavent, Luis Amador, Juanmi Guzman, Paquete, Gil Goldstein, Santi Ibarretxe, Norman Hogue, Toni Cuenca, Curro, Fernando y Joselete de “Mushogitano”, Alfredo Paixao, Israel Varela, Ruben Heredia, Pablo Martin Caminero, Juan Peña “El chispa”, Ale, Luis y Ali de la Tota, El Viti…

 The band  revolves around on a section of melodic instruments, Jorge Pardo, saxophones and flutes, adding trumpet, trombone with guitar, percussion, drums, bass and electric bass and  marimba. Up to eight musicians on stage with a wide chromatic range that results in a lot of music.

 “Huellas” tastes like Jazz and flamenco winds, it is full of freshness and vitality, and somehow, brings together leading composer with the distilled and concentrated Flamenco essence. An overview of this art seen from the outside to inside and from inside out. A flamenco feeling between the sound of a jazz band. A vision of improvisation with new references. Meeting and dispersion at the same compass. An execution for those who feel, breathe and know these fundamentals, which are none others than the deepest soul where there is no time or place …